Stolen "Quotes" from the Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco - DAY 2(#eSummitSF)

Courtesy of the wonderful Twitter hashtag ,  here are some great quotes of the second day of the Endeavor Global Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco!!! Not being able to attend is one of the things that I don`t like of leaving Endeavor in one month :( But if this Summit is like the past two, what an awesome learning experience for all the attendees!

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Ps. The affirmations shared below do not always reflect my personal opinion nor are suggested ways of acting or thinking. They`re just interesting pieces to reflect about!

It's not about the ceiling wall but the sticky floor 

"Some things can be made perfect. Your job as the ceo is to perfect the perfectable." 

"Great people want a lot demanded of them." - Bing Gordon 

Quality of the people reflects the quality of successful, fast growth. Be dilligent about your team quality 

 Joy Sen 

"Your job as CEO is to be the fastest person of the company." Bing Gordon 

"As CEO is to tell people to be ok" - build confidence from Bing Gordon

Focus on your top 25% of your team and expand from there. These people can bring similar people into game, makes you succeed 

"missionary not mercenary" -   true - that is what keep us on every up and downs - resilience.

 the new ceo's role is to coach not to dictate ...

 "Hire ahead of your needs" - Gina Bianchini 

Biggest risk for high growth company -not hiring right person. Focus on best not average. - J Housenbold  

Lessons learned from . 3) On HR - It comes down to making sure ther right people are ALLOWED to do a great job!

 mission statement gets it right: "people are inherently capable but lack equal opportunity" 

John hamm leadership is a practice, like Medical, is a life journy It always matters.. entrepeural leadership matters even more 

So far Carl Schroeder's key note has been my favorite at the . Biased wisdom of experts vs getting out and seeing new stuff.

"Rookie entrepreneurs maximize value rather than control and get the wrong advisors." - Marc Pincus via  

To be top ranked...your goal is to become the authority on your issue, Matt Ackley Google VP 

Get high page rank with: good content, lists, tutorials, frequent updates, controversy   

Gina BianchiniFocus on the current phasebut always plan thenext two 

Fail cheap, fail at low prototyping. This way you can try again and again very fast and easily.  

Chris Schroeder: entrepreneurs are/should be free of echochambers. They can ask the greatest question of all: why? 

Excited for Global Connections at Endeavor's Summit - speed dating format between entrepreneurs and mentors. 

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