Stolen "Quotes" from the Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco (#eSummitSF)

Courtesy of the wonderful Twitter hashtag ,  here are some great quotes of the first day of the Endeavor Global Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco!!! Not being able to attend is one of the things that I don`t like of leaving Endeavor in one month :( But if this Summit is like the past two, what an awesome learning experience for all the attendees!

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Ps. The affirmations shared below do not always reflect my personal opinion nor are suggested ways of acting or thinking. They`re just interesting pieces to reflect about!

"Talented people can from strange places." - Guibert Englebienne, cofounder Globant 

The dynamic of VC industry has changed in the last two years. Build trust with people has become key for entrepreneurs. 

Dan Senor: winning entrepreneurs in high risk markets are the ones who go global from day one. 

The entrepreneur summit is the perfect therapy for people called crazy"  

Use someone else money to start up companies. When you get good at it use your own. Nothing bad in that. Scott McNealy at the 

If everyone thinks you're doing the right thing - then everyone would be doing it. Have a controversial strategy.  Scott McNealy

Scott Mc Nealy, Sun: "Forget about privacy! Most of the startups here in the Valley r about invading your privacy" 

"Be controversial. But the thing about being controversial, is you better be correct!" -  

Invitation for all VCs thinking about going global, please think about settling in & building ecosystem  - not all money is green

Top 15 IT firms in the US have $250 billion in excess cash. That is almost 1% of the worlds GDP. Hope they use it wisely! 

”Four trends in technology: cloud computing, mobile, social platforms, massive adoption of IT products”. Marc Benioff 

Marc Benioff (salesforce) at the : NOT concerned about web ownership by a few. Dominant players constantly shift.

My personal opinion: while facebook is eating the web, twitter is saving it. 

"Innovation is a baton being tossed between intemporal entrepreneurial paradigms." -  

USA,Uk,France,Germany,Canada Aus&Benelux make95% of enterprise software.Benioff mentions not location rather than where you sell!

Marc Benioff says Salesforce could not get VCs interested in early days, despite performance and connections 

Benioff: building one successful company is more exciting than serial entrepreneurship. Must stay focused. 

”If you are an entrepreneur you have to overcommunicate” M Benioff, CEO Salesforce 

Most things he learned in b-school are not applicable today. On the job learnings are key. Marc Benioff 

'Start ups by definition are the exceptions to the rule, if they are successful' Matt Cohler 

The give back rule: Donate 1% of your profits, 1% of your equity and 1% of your time. M Benito, CEO Salesforce. 

Education for kids is a good market opportunity  (I love this one in particular)

"A decisão mais estratégica que um empreendedor toma na sua trajetória é a escolha da mulher com quem terá seus filhos" McNearly 

Raise $ when you can, not when you need, do due diligence on investors, make ur startup connected to community w global mindset