My recent workshop on "women in the workplace" for AIESEC - Giving back with intention

Yesterday I delivered a thought provoking session on "women in the workplace" to the National Committee of AIESEC en Colombia - great discussion, nothing to envy to MBA level discussions we have had covering the topic!

It is amazing how small acts make a difference. When I was the age these guys are (19 - 23) I never had a serious thought about gender in the workplace and IN LIFE. More than managers, these guys will be spouses and parents and I was inspired to see how much they start to figure out what stand they want to take to make our society a more fair one for women and men. We talked about the evolution of the role of gender in society, revised key stats about gender workforce participation, deconstructed what feminism (including post feminism!) means and last but not least revised few strategies on how to build households and companies that value diversity and allow EVERY HUMAN being to develop its very own potential and dreams, regardless of gender.

I just can say .... giving back with intention rules!
Can´t wait to see you guys being a case on how to deal with the "problem with no name".