This blog needs to get alive again

What started as a "new years" resolution during the last weeks of december, lasted hardly a month ... shame on me ... I´m talking about this blog. Some people have been asking me in past weeks what happened to the blog, why I was not writting anymore, etc ... the only answer I have is called LACK OF DISCIPLINE.
But today I felt like stopping with the procrastination. I had a moment of PAINFUL CLARITY and realized that it´s time to leave the laziness aside and bringing this blog alive again. Yes, I´ve been very busy, that´s a fact, but for things you do with conviction, there´s always time. And I indeed have it, it´s just that my time has scaped without my permission to other endeavors!
So, ready to read again?
Let´s see how it goes! Man, 5 months without posting, so many experiences .. where to start?