Documentray on IIT on an American TV Channel. MUST SEE FOR ALL IITIANS.avi

Thanks to a current BABSON MBA student I got access to this VERY REVEALING, SHORT video about IIT grads and IIT (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Institutes_of_Technology)

As a colombian who has lived in India, with very special indian friends, and passionate for not only education but also for the capacity to understand our own passions and turn them into dreams, I can`t deny that this video was a perfect food for thought. Specially last weekend we were talking with my husband about this ...

I won`t generate much personal opinion right now, I`ll rather want to share the video and key highlights that called my attention:

"IIT grads are INDIA`s most valuable export"
"Exam to get in is so hard, that school kids for the two last years of high school go to prep classes from 4 to 8 a.m."
"A good % of IIT grads become Entrepreneurs: students say it`s a matter of CONFIDENCE"
"The year (all costs) costs 700 USD - it`s subsidized by the government"
"The 2nd option or B Plans for some students who apply to IIT is a US IB league university, - and if they get in, they get scholarships"
"2/3 of grads go to the US"
"For India, rather than a problem, the previous fact is a stimulus to work harder to make them come back"

The air to me right now smells like discipline, excellence, resilience ... it`s just inspiring. I know this is not a black or white topic, I know that controversy is also in the air. I know there are deeper analysis to be done. Yet, what an example for countries like mine.

I promise i`ll write more.