Random reflections about the Internet ...

... for those Entrepreneurs that still eschew technology ...

It is a clear reality for every contemporary individual that we live in the era of the "flat world". As Best Seller author Thomas Friedman affirms, our world has become a global village where geographical boundaries are no longer seen as barriers for the free flow of talent and for the seizing of opportunities beyond nations. Our humanity has reached one of its peak moments in terms of collaborative work and global problems solution seeking, a reality where networking is one of the strongest leverage points. Would such a description of the current state of the world be ever possible without conceiving the role that internet plays?

There are several evidence pieces that support the fact that the internet invention has been a powerful landmark that has led to our current state of development as humanity and therefore, to the increase of the quality of our lifes. Looking at it from an economical perspective, it`s hard to imagine the concept of globalization without thinking of the Internet as an instrumental tool. Remote awareness of demand and supply of products, efficient performance of electronic (Internet based) commercial transactions, and in general the arise of all kind virtual connections of human talent that do not need to be physically present to identify opportunities and work together around them, are just few examples on the irreplaceable benefits that the Internet enables.

But the internet not only impacts collective systems as economy and society. Looking at the individuals and understanding them as a "self", it is also easy to zero in on marked aspects on how Internet is a resource to develop a person`s potential and therefore lead the individual to a happier life. Internet is an endless avenue and knowledge bank for people to look for information and develop ideas to pursue their personal passions and dreams. People can join social networks that provide the kind of experience and perspective that people need to take decisions and probably, without the Internet they would never have access to those. It´s never been easier and more time-effective to find solutions before than "googling" from the web. On the other hand, Internet has also made entertainment cheaper and therefore more accessible to all kinds of people. With a simple Internet connection and through legal means you can access to resources like movies and music, for instance, and at a much lower price than traditional alternatives.

Internet simply has led our world to a democratization of opportunities, on a collective and personal level. Denying the benefits of working together as human beings is denying the benefits that Internet has for our society as aldo deniying the impact that it has in the quality of our life as citizens of this world.