Was Jesus an Entrepreneur?

Was he one? What do you think?

I love the discussion that is going on as a response to the publication on the GAPINGVOID site. Some comments i liked were:

"Interesting that you make that conclusion. I tend to think of the man more as a teacher.What financial risks did he take? What profit/loss did he incur in a business deal?"
"Isn’t that what a lot of social entrepreneurs are Joann? They teach their clients to do their product better…"
"I agree. Jesus was an entrepreneur. But that does not mean that everyone calling him/herself an entrepreneur is as enlightened as Jesus was."
Funny, nice.
Feel free to join the discussion here or at Hugh´s site. 


Mauricio Henao said...

Jesus was an idealist... Saint Peter and the other disciples were the real entrepreneurs.. probably the biggest entrepreneurs in the modern history

Anonymous-Journalist said...
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Anonymous-Journalist said...

Jesus was the greatest entrepreneur there was and for all you know ever will be! He was a kick ass salesman! He sold the whole world an idea. To be precise many great ideas!

Think about it, which business runs for 2 millenniums! He ensured a process for able management to take things forward via what we call a pope who now manged stuff for him… He started up this massive club that people love and go to every weekend.

Initially he started with just 12 employees to spread the word and boy they have done a great job!